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Have you ever struggled socially or cognitively and wanted recommendations on how to manage this? Are you wondering about what type of job or school setting would be the best fit for you? Are you curious about your strengths? If any of these questions sound familiar, getting a psychological assessment completed by one of our psychologists may be the answer for you. Here at Uplift Psychology Group in San Jose, CA, we tailor each assessment to the individual’s needs. We believe that using research-based methods with personalized feedback provides clear and accessible information about how to successfully handle your current situation.

What is a psychological assessment?

Psychological assessment is a comprehensive process where one of our licensed psychologists will evaluate your social, emotional, and intellectual capacities. This is done by collecting information about your past and present functioning – oftentimes psychologists use educational records, mental health and/or medical records, conversations with important people in your life, and formal testing measures to do this. At Uplift Psychology Group, we offer psychological assessment services that are comprehensive and strength-based, meaning that we work with you to explore ways your life can be improved by building upon the skills you already have. The psychological evaluations currently offered include: psychodiagnostic testing (to fully understand your strengths and areas of need), cognitive/intellectual testing, personality testing, and ADHD evaluations.

How do I know if this is right for me?

Here are some common reasons individuals ask for a psychological evaluation:

  • Difficulties focusing at school/work

  • Struggling with organization

  • Troubles communicating with others

  • Anxiety and worries getting in the way of everyday life

  • Depression and sadness getting in the way of everyday life

  • Unsure if a psychological condition is present

  • Trouble finding the right fit for a job or school setting

  • Curiosity about one’s personality

  • Curiosity about one’s style of thinking

  • Suspected difficulties due to an underlying psychological condition

How can a psychological assessment help me?

Getting a psychological assessment is a great way to better understand yourself and learn about your strengths and areas of need. Assessments offer personalized recommendations that are related to the reason you sought out testing and that help you to know what your next steps are. Comprehensive assessments are a wonderful way to get a well-rounded picture of your overall current abilities; these evaluations look in-depth at your social, emotional, cognitive, and personality functioning and can provide you with diagnostic information as applicable. Brief personality assessments are an excellent way to get to know yourself on a deeper level by specifically focusing on your personality traits and social-emotional abilities; while brief testing cannot provide diagnostic information, it can provide extremely valuable feedback for yourself, your family member, your therapist, and others in your life who may want to better understand you or to assist with current treatment you may be receiving. Brief cognitive testing is an opportunity to learn about your brain’s current memory abilities, speed of processing information, ability to focus and learn, visual-spatial skills, language skills, and organization abilities. With any psychological assessment, individuals leave feeling empowered, have better awareness of how to be productive and successful at school and/or work, feel better able to manage life’s stressors, and gain incredible insight into why they do the things they do.

How much is a psychological assessment and what is involved?

Fees are dependent on the type of evaluation being requested. See below for the list of fees. The flat rate for the assessment will be paid 50% at the initial meeting and 50% before the final feedback session and release of your official report.

Comprehensive Psychological Evaluation: $6,500

  • 1.5 hour intake interview

  • 2 hours school observation (if for a child)

  • Review of records

  • 8-12 hours of direct testing

  • Test scoring and interpretation

  • Collateral contacts (as needed)

  • 1.5 hour feedback session to review final report and recommendations

ADHD Evaluation: $3,300

  • 1.5 hour initial intake

  • Review of records

  • 4-6 hours of direct testing

  • Test scoring and interpretation

  • Collateral contacts (as needed)

  • 1 hour feedback session to review final report and recommendations

Brief Personality Evaluation: $1,800

  • 1 hour initial intake

  • Review of Records

  • 4-6 hours of testing, scoring and interpretation

  • 1 hour feedback session to review final report and recommendations

Brief Cognitive Evaluation: $1,350

  • 1 hour initial intake

  • Review of Records

  • 2-4 hours of testing, scoring and interpretation

  • 1 hour feedback session to review final report and recommendations

For all services additional feedback sessions can be scheduled at a fee that is determined at your initial meeting.

We are considered out of network with all insurance providers, thus we do not accept insurance for any of our services, including psychological testing. We can provide a superbill if needed at the conclusion of your evaluation.

We offer a free 15 minute consultation to help you determine whether a psychological evaluation is a good fit for you and whether we can address your needs.

Call us today at 408-680-4114 to discuss your interest in receiving a psychological evaluation. We look forward to helping you!