How Race Plays a Role in Therapy

How Race Plays a Role in Therapy by Anuja Patel, Psy.D.   When choosing a therapist, an individual may consider various factors, such as gender, age, specialty, sexual orientation, religious affiliation, race, etc. Whether it’s conscious or not, you might examine these factors to ensure your therapist understands you and won’t be judgmental of your...

How Low & High-Context Cultures Influence Communication

By: Dr. Anuja Patel Communication is perhaps the single most important aspect of any type of relationship, be it personal or professional. But what makes communication so challenging for us is the way it differs based on our upbringing, family, and culture. One way to understand the cultural differences in communication is through the low...

Positive Parenting: Supporting Your Child’s Self-Control

By: Jenna Del Valle, Ph.D. Many parents struggle with disciplining their child, and it can be difficult to find a parenting solution that not only works with your child but can be implemented consistently. If you are a two-parent family, then there is also the struggle of finding a disciplining style that is approved of...

The Power of Validation

Validation is an important, yet often misunderstood concept and practice in any interpersonal relationship. It communicates recognition and acceptance of an individual’s thoughts, feelings, and/or behaviors. People often believe validation is synonymous with agreement or approval, but it actually communicates support, care, and concern for an individual, even if you do not entirely agree with them.

Helping kids grow their Emotional Intelligence – Is it really important?

It’s important that our children learn that having various emotions is not a bad or scary thing. Even experiencing anger. It’s how one responds to the emotion that is noticed and evaluated. We need to show our children that when we experience an emotion, whether positive or negative, we have to acknowledge the emotion, accept it, and then decide how we want to respond.

Dismantling Anti-Black Attitudes

George Floyd’s death has ignited yet another movement and uprising for equality. We are again faced with the ugly truth of racism and discrimination. Along with protesting, it’s important that we educate our communities, including people of color, in order to dismantle anti-Black behavior and attitudes.

Maintaining Your Child’s Peer Connection

Dealing with life change or transition is sometimes difficult to manage because it means that the original plans that were set in motion didn’t pan out. Strong emotions are inevitable responses to these transitions,

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