Helping kids grow their Emotional Intelligence – Is it really important?

It’s important that our children learn that having various emotions is not a bad or scary thing. Even experiencing anger. It’s how one responds to the emotion that is noticed and evaluated. We need to show our children that when we experience an emotion, whether positive or negative, we have to acknowledge the emotion, accept it, and then decide how we want to respond.

Dismantling Anti-Black Attitudes

George Floyd’s death has ignited yet another movement and uprising for equality. We are again faced with the ugly truth of racism and discrimination. Along with protesting, it’s important that we educate our communities, including people of color, in order to dismantle anti-Black behavior and attitudes.

Maintaining Your Child’s Peer Connection

Dealing with life change or transition is sometimes difficult to manage because it means that the original plans that were set in motion didn’t pan out. Strong emotions are inevitable responses to these transitions,

Don’t Forget to Socialize!

In this busy and career driven climate that Silicon Valley has become, it’s easy to tune out the people around you, and forget to socialize. But has it gone too far? Is our younger generation also heading in that direction?