6 Benefits of Having a Psychological Evaluation

A psychological assessment is a wonderful tool that allows you to get to know yourself. We explain 6 benefits of having a psychological evaluation below. With any form of illness, early detection is critical for effective treatment. The same applies to mental illnesses and conditions in all of their forms. One of the most effective...

The Different Types of Anxiety Explained

If you think that anxiety simply means feeling a bit stressed and on edge, then you might need to think again. As a mental health condition, anxiety is much more complicated than that. There are different types of anxiety and related disorders. Anxiety is an umbrella term that includes several conditions, all with some unpleasant...

What Is EMDR Therapy? 5 Impressive Benefits

Whether you are suffering from a mental health condition, are a mental health professional, or are simply interested in keeping up with mental health and psychotherapy trends, chances are that you’ve heard of EMDR therapy. But what is EMDR therapy, exactly? Read on as we are going to unpack its meaning as well as uncover...

It Really Works! 4 Incredible Benefits of Couples Therapy

When you hear the term “couples therapy,” what do you think of? For many, couples therapy is associated with unhappy marriages and couples with major issues. However, every type of relationship, both new and old, can experience the benefits of couples therapy. Studies show that today, couples therapy has about a 75 percent success rate. If...

What’s The Difference Between Anxiety & Stress?

Do you find yourself feeling nervous, overwhelmed, and worried for extended periods of time? This is a common symptom of anxiety. Anxiety disorders affect more than 40 million American adults, making it the most common mental illness in the U.S. But, anxiety symptoms often look similar to symptoms of stress. It’s important to know whether you’re...

Positive Parenting: Supporting Your Child’s Self-Control

By: Jenna Del Valle, Ph.D. Many parents struggle with disciplining their child, and it can be difficult to find a parenting solution that not only works with your child but can be implemented consistently. If you are a two-parent family, then there is also the struggle of finding a disciplining style that is approved of...

Teletherapy: Don’t Knock It Until You Try It

Teletherapy or virtual therapy isn’t a new concept, but many mental health professionals and clients have been forced to adapt to a new way of connecting and providing/seeking help.

The Power of Validation

Validation is an important, yet often misunderstood concept and practice in any interpersonal relationship. It communicates recognition and acceptance of an individual’s thoughts, feelings, and/or behaviors. People often believe validation is synonymous with agreement or approval, but it actually communicates support, care, and concern for an individual, even if you do not entirely agree with them.

What is Psychological Testing and could it help me?

Have you ever had a question about yourself that you wish could be answered? This could include thoughts like “why can’t I sit still” or “why is it hard to be around other people”, to even something as big as “what makes me who I am”.

Mental health care for the postpartum period

One of the biggest life transitions that one may experience is parenthood. For women, the mind and body undergo so many changes during pregnancy, such as changes in hormone levels and weight gain.