Did you know that 49% of couples have attended some form of counseling with their partner?

Maintaining a relationship can be hard work, and that’s why many people turn to couples therapy in a bid to improve their relationship. These therapy sessions are often an excellent way to solve a range of issues between lovers.

Read further for five reasons why couples therapy is worth a try.

1. Improve Communication

It’s impossible to have a healthy relationship if there is a communication problem. Poor communication means failing to understand your partner’s needs and often leads to hurting each other’s feelings.

A couples therapist can help you practice new ways of connecting. Communication issues often come from unhealthy patterns learned earlier in life. Beginning to practice the art of conscious communication will have a profound effect on your relationship.

2. Work on Sexual Issues and Intimacy

Disappointing sex life can wear down even the strongest of relationships. It can lead to feelings of frustration, anxiety, embarrassment, rejection, and anger. Couples therapy allows partners to discuss their sexual concerns and unmet needs in a healthy and supportive way.

Physical intimacy is essential in any relationship, but a couples therapist will also help guide lovers to emotional intimacy. These are cornerstones of a healthy relationship.

3. Learn How to Support Each Other in Difficult Times

Human beings all go through challenging experiences, be it the death of a loved one, a miscarriage, or health issues. For a number of reasons, it can sometimes be difficult to be there for your partner when they need your support the most.

The best couples therapy will guide you towards being a loving partner in the good times, as well as the bad.

4. Rebuild Trust

It’s often the case that couples attend counseling to rebuild trust. If the trust is gone, the relationship has no chance of surviving. However, it is possible to rebuild trust, provided both partners are committed to making things work.

It doesn’t happen overnight, but a therapist can help couples understand the process of regaining trust. A good therapist will support growth and healing together, helping you rebuild a secure relationship on a solid foundation of trust.

5. Support Each Other’s Growth

People change throughout their lives, and partners must be mature in their love to appreciate and respect these changes. Resisting the change is to resist the person you love. And that’s likely to bring significant turbulence to your relationship.

A couples therapist will encourage you to have frank conversations about your individual and relational goals. There’s nothing wrong with growth and change, but it’s crucial to check in with yourself and your partner to maintain a healthy relationship. 

Give Couples Therapy a Chance

It’s no wonder that couples therapy is so popular these days. It can be of great value, and just a few sessions are sometimes enough to steer your relationship in the right direction.

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